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I consider myself incredibly lucky to have parents who own a villa in Florida, just outside of Orlando. Growing up I’ve spent a great deal of time in Florida and I often find myself feeling more at home there than I do anywhere. The relaxed pace of life, delicious food and easy going nature of the locals suits me down to the ground! Since I won’t be over there yet for several months I’ve been reminding myself of some of the little things I associate with being there.

All Images © Hollie Reid, 2010



Images – © Ingrid Baars

One of my favourite photographers and artists at the moment is Ingrid Baars. Her work can be quite mixed, some pieces feel ethereal, soft and light, others are incredibly blunt, sharp and quite disturbing. Her monochrome montages are brilliant, but I absolutely love the coloured pieces for their boldness.

The first thing I thought when I saw her work was how clear the similarities were, between her own imagery and that of the Dadaists’. I’ve always been fascinated with Dada art since I was at school, my favourites were by Raoul Hausmann. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be in New York for the final leg of a touring Dada exhibition at the MoMA, featuring most infamously perhaps Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”. Although there certainly was plenty of substance and emotional investment within the Dada movement, I think what I most like was the irreverent defiance of the art critic, the Dadaist movement effectively let artists take the wheel and create the art they felt needed to be made.

Top Image –  Unknown

Bottom Left & Right – Raoul Hausmann


I have been spending a lot of time over the past week researching and up-loading make-up artists for The Chook and I’ve basically been spending my days drooling over the most stunning work by some outstandingly talented individuals. Oh such hardship!

One who caught my eye in particular was Jessica Tarazi. Jessica, who is based in the New York area, takes inspiration from Gustav Klimt which you can really see in the rich colours and shimmering metallics. Her work is very crisp and clean, but it has a really beautiful softness to it.

Make-up – Jessica Tarazi

Images – Unknown (If you are the photographer, or know of the photographer, please get in touch and let me know!)

For more information, or to contact Jessica Tarazi, visit : JessicaTarazi.com